Friday, January 8, 2021

COVID Chronicles Quarantine Day 10 of 10


So that’s it. The quarantine for myself is over and Tracy’s last day is tomorrow. To be honest with you it seems a bit weird to know this. It takes a heavy reliance on science and our medical professionals that have done their homework to know a person is no longer contagious after having something like COVID. 

Yesterday was supposed to be my sinus surgery. That has now been pushed back until the end of January. What is surprising (but I totally trust them) is that I am told I will not need another COVID test. If I took it, I would still test positive because of the dead virus being in my system. Again, I don’t doubt this at all. It just seems weird for it to be so cut and dry regarding which day a person does not have to quarantine anymore. 

I am excited to be out and about again but just a reminder, to those of you who have not gotten this...count your blessings. The lingering effects of this are kind of a pain to deal with for some.

Thanks for reading my ramblings through all of this but it was a little something I could do to maybe educate others and certainly kill time. Here’s to not getting it again after March when the immunity can supposedly wear off. 

Tomorrow!? I shall celebrate by driving to Menard's to purchase a toilet so that I can replace one here at the house. Later that day I will go to the auto parts store and replace the brakes on my car. PARTAY!!

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