Thursday, December 31, 2020

COVID Chronicles Quarantine Day 2 of 10


“So not saying you will...but if you die from COVID who will raise us?” This was the question raised by Emma yesterday when she found out I was positive. She knew it was a mild case but these are the things that go through an 11 year olds mind when the news is bombarding us with constantly with negativity. 

Fast forward to this morning and Tracy was met with the news that she tested positive. She has the fever, body aches, etc. Neither one of us really have experienced drastic symptoms and we pray it stays that way. Had I not known any better, I would have thought we caught the flu. 

We are blessed however with knowing some good folks. Within the time frame of a half hour this afternoon one person dropped off a tater tot casserole and another some homemade soup. There was even an extra portion made for my dad. Don’t worry...these folks set it on the bench outside my home and I spoke with them through the window. When they left, I went out to get the food. 

All in all things have been going as well as to be expected. I continue to monitor my dad’s health and check in often. 

I know we hear a lot of scary stories on the news about this and when you receive the diagnosis, it can take you by surprise but if you have a mild case (praying it stays that way) there is nothing really to be afraid of. If you can motor through a slight flu or cold bug (and yes I know for most is a near impossibility lol) then you got this. At least for me, the fear comes in passing it to someone who's immune system is not so good. Thus the quarantine.

No matter what one deals with in life we should always know “if God be for us, who can be against us?”.

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