Wednesday, December 30, 2020

COVID Chronicles Quarantine Day 1 of 10


Even though this is technically the third day with symptoms; today is the day that I was diagnosed positive. 

Honestly, I am not sure why I am blogging about this. Perhaps it is due to boredom or perhaps I want to let you know how I discovered it. Regardless, I will take you on a daily journey of what I am dealing with until January 7th. That is the last day of quarantine for me. Nothing like ringing in the new year Rona style!!

The way I found out I may have “The Rona” is that Monday night I began to cough. The cough was very similar to the cough I get when my asthma kicks in. My chest hurt a bit and so I hit my inhaler. In fact since I was to the doctor so much this year, I no longer had a deductible on meds so I got my albuterol inhaler refilled before the year ends. In all truth I only had 66 more puffs left on my current one. 

Tuesday hit and I was coughing a bit more. It is a dry cough but nagging one none the less. After talking with my dad on Monday night however and convincing him to get checked Tuesday morning, it was in the back of my head that I should probably get tested as well pending his outcome. I have had multiple COVID tests this year. After he called to let me know he was positive I knew it was the right thing to do. 

Can I just say COVID tests are not fun unless you need your brain itched but the rapid one really stinks. There is peace of mind in knowing that for $95.00 you can get a result within 20 minutes but wow...had I not known any better I would have thought Roto Rooter was doing the swab. 

I guess the takeaway from day one is if you think you might have it...go get checked. For me I never viewed this virus as political or anything like that. I will still wear my mask after quarantine but it is a little unsettling knowing that I (God willing) will get through this fine but this is something that many have passed away from or have had a more difficult time. Fact is the same can be said about flu, terminal illness, etc. Just humbling nonetheless.

Join me each day for a snippet into a day in the life of someone that has it. I had no intentions of restarting my blog until January 1st at which point I have challenged my self to blog daily (see previous blog) but...I happen to have some time on my hands. 

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