Thursday, April 4, 2013

A New Path This Spring many thoughts come to mind as we enter this time of year. We think of life and renewing of life.  Fresh starts and a renewed sense of purpose are on the forefront of many minds. This spring has been especially special to me because I am making steps forward to let go of some things from the past. Let me share with you my experience and see if perhaps it motivates you in some way. 

From 2003 until 2005 I experienced things in ministry that no vocational pastor should ever have to go through. If you know me, then you know the details but I will not go into them here and now. One missionary featured on "Focus on the Family" told me "you have experienced more in 2 years than most pastors experience in a lifetime."  I will dive into these topics when I am asked to be a speaker at an event to address abuses in the church but that is the extent of it these days. There is a good possibility I will be a speaker at another Christian festival this summer. I will know more in weeks to come. Anyway, these events left me hurt and bitter. So many times I would keep rehashing these old stories as many people could relate. Sadly the retelling of these stories kept taking me back to the days when things began to unravel which stirred up more disgust. 

It was not until this year that I really began to let the past go. Isn’t it amazing how long it can take to get over some hurts from our past? I used to be amazed growing up in church at the old people that could hold onto a grudge for years. Some would call this “Irish Alzheimer's” forget everything but a grudge. Looking at my life and reflecting back on those that held grudges for years, I soon began to realize I was that person and something had to be done. Perhaps there were other factors playing into my decision as the onset of 2013 has brought with it some health challenges. Some of them have downright made me quite stressed and worried. More on that another time. When faced with health challenges and have the harsh reality that another decade is about to pass, I began to think about the frailty and beauty of life. More and more I came to the conclusion that I need to let things go, find forgiveness and do my best to live in peace. That’s just what I am doing. 

About a month ago I began to compile a list of people that I have burned bridges with or that have hurt me. It was a good size list due to the nature of these incidences. It was after I experienced the ugly side of church politics that I turned myself into the victim. So I wrote a letter forgiving those I felt have hurt me and asking for forgiveness as well. I decided to own the fact I acted in a less than flattering way and now must own up to it. It was so encouraging to get responses back immediately. Anytime you put your neck out on the line, you never know what to expect. Even the pastor that called me out by name in Milwaukee during his message wrote back a very encouraging response. There have been some I never did hear back from from my attempt at this over a year ago. One person wrote back to me stating I am forgiven but am still a wolf. I am thankful for the note none the less. 

It really is springtime in my life and I will never forget 2013. It almost should be a pre-requisite in friendships that apologies should be offered right away. Why? Because you will let each other down. I suppose immaturity would say just run and find a new friend. However there is something to looking past the faults as well because just when you are ready to point out the fault in a person....I know for me and perhaps you...there are many faults we have as well. So we continue on in life realizing none of us are perfect but that is what makes a friendship so exciting. I really am thankful that I have been able to move past these hurts and wow...the freedom I am experiencing in my life is so rewarding. 


  1. I know I don't have to tell YOU this... I am saying this for the VERY many people who will think THIS is what it's all about.
    That if someone speaks out about how they have been hurt in the body of Christ someone will always be so quick to say...
    "DON'T BE BITTER"... it only hurts YOU... It's not helping anyone!"

    People who have finally been freed from the pain often are the worst criticizers of those who are still a work in progress.
    Like a person who has quit smoking and hates smokers the most.

    I personally believe life isn't all about escaping pain. The pain and dare I say, the bitterness for a time (WHATEVER time may be needed), is also a very important part of the perfecting process.

    Your story gives me hope.
    But I hope that Father uses my pain to encourage others who have gone through the same things. Because I probably wouldn't have the compassion I do if I was not still bothered by things that happened. It would be MUCH easier to turn a blind eye on injustices.

    You have ALWAYS been a person who is there for the "underdog" I appreciate that about you SO MUCH.
    Don't ever lose that!
    But I'm SO GLAD you're losing the hurt and pain.

  2. Being the wife and mom of a ministry family, it will surely take an act of God for me to forgive what Christians have done to my husband and kids. 35 years in the ministry and still there. Thank God our rewards are in heaven but it sure would have been nice to have been loved by fellow Christians.