Monday, August 27, 2012

7 Years as Pastor

This past Sunday marked yet another milestone for me...7 years as the pastor of a great church here in Waupaca, WI. It is hard to believe that it went that quick and yet so slow...does that make sense? I have actually been on staff at this church since February of 2004 but with the less than flattering start, I have decided to write-off my time as the youth pastor. It really is a shame that such a great little church had to “re-start” only a year and a half after it launched.

I look back at one of the roughest times in my life when in August of 2005 I was asked if I would like to pastor this church that had 8 people and a mortgage. It truly was my desire to quit the ministry all together at that time. With some thought and prayer...I did get excited about being the pastor of this church that would have to be re-started. Like any new/naive pastor would, I hoped that it would have exploded with growth. Little did I know many years later the physical growth would have been slow and steady but the spiritual growth is exploding.

A pastor really could not ask for a better church of people that “get it”. I look forward to many many more happy years pastoring this church with the awesome staff and volunteers it has. This is the year that I can say, I have been in Waupaca as long as I was on staff in Milwaukee. It really does something when you know you hit a milestone. Here is to many more happy years as God continues to direct and guide this great family. I am not sure I would have made it this long without the support of my wife, Tracy. 

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