Friday, July 13, 2012

From Royal Rangers to Lifest

Counsel Fire at Royal Rangers 50th Anniversary Summer Camp

Once again I find this summer being one of firsts. Have you ever gone through those seasons in life where you are experiencing new things over and over again? This can be good things or situations you would rather not have had to deal with. For me I can say it has been good...let me explain why. 
It was the spring of 2010 when I received an email asking me to be a guest speaker for a special event. It was an event that I was very familiar with and had a great passion for. This event was for the Royal Ranger 50th anniversary summer camp. Now back in the day it used to be called “Pow-Wow.” I was very interested in being the speaker but had to wait 2 years. It was scheduled for June of 2012 which has now passed. What a great time to be able to speak to hundreds of boys and show them exactly where I asked the Lord into my heart 29 years ago. It was a truly humbling experience but a very rewarding one as well as over 40 boys came up to ask Jesus into their hearts the first night. 
Yesterday, I experienced another first in my life as a pastor. I began a ministry two years ago called, “That’s Not My God.” This is a ministry for people to talk about all things Christianity. More and more I am finding out that there is a pool of people like myself that at one point or another have been hurt by the church or spiritually abused. This results in burn-out and no desire to return to an institutional church setting ever again. For these people it is my desire to show them that church really can be a beautiful thing if they are willing to give it a try once again using great discernment. For the others a part of this great is simply awesome to enjoy good conversation and hopefully grow from each other. 
The reason I bring that group up is that since I began “That’s Not My God” I have spoken twice at Cornerstone festival with week long series. Yesterday I got to teach at Lifest in the Life Promotions tent. What a great time with a little over half the tent full. It is my desire to bring a message of grace to people. What a refreshing time as people were coming up one after the other asking me how they can bring their friend/relative to church when they know they will not be accepted. There were many other deep questions. 
It really is exciting to see all that is going on which God is doing. I am on the brink of a new book coming out as well. This is going to be a very real writing on my experiences of the past as a youth pastor/pastor and how all situations can be redeemed. I share all of this because I simply am trying to be open to what God wants me to do. I would encourage you to do the same. You never know what will happen in your life unless you are willing to take a step of faith...go for it!

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