Monday, January 9, 2012

8 Years

For awhile I have taken a break from consistent blogging for no apparent reason. Perhaps it has been to refocus on my ministry “That’s Not My God” or to begin recording “Chin-Wag” videos which are 5 minute conversation starters. Feel free to visit them by clicking here. Whatever the reason though I am back and looking forward to blogging a bit more. 
Perhaps the reason for getting back into blogging more is that I have made it a new years resolution. I have also decided to get back into drawing and take up photography in order to relax. I finally feel like I can relax.
My biggest reason for finally feeling like I can relax is that January marks the 8 year anniversary since I left Milwaukee to become a youth pastor at Radiant Fellowship (August 2013 marks 8 years since I have been the lead pastor). I cannot begin to tell you how crippling it is to a person when they are on staff at a church and get severely hurt (twice within a year and a half). I am happy to say that with 2012 I shall begin to show all of my emotion through visual arts as well as written. 

As I look back at my last few weeks in Milwaukee where I was for 8 years I am amazed at how blind people can be as to what is really going on. Even here in Waupaca it was simply amazing at how many people rallied around the person who did the hurting and not the one(s) being hurt. Organizations are so good at making sure the one who dropped the ball gets counseling (fully paid) but I sometimes wonder why those who have been hurt who and did nothing wrong do not get free counseling as well. That is my biggest regret in everything is that I did not get proper counseling. I didn't look for it and no one offered. Thanks to my FB friends and church for helping me through it all.
This year it is time to embrace the fact that I have been in Waupaca as long as I was on staff in Milwaukee and truly embrace it. I am thankful for my friends in Milwaukee that did not “drink the kool-aid” and have remained a true friend to this day. I am also thankful for those in Waupaca at Radiant Fellowship that have stayed true friends through thick and thin and logically thought through the events that went down here as well. It is friends like this that helps a person make it. 

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  1. I really appreciate your openness. Since I have heard a bit about what you've been through I think it's safe for me to point out that you were more than hurt. People say they get "hurt" and yet once you start asking them what the hurt really wasn't that big of a deal...but then there are those who were deeply deeply wounded. I think what you've been through is of that nature. and I think you've come through it well. I also am thankful for my FB friends for helping me through what I've been through. In hindsight...I wish I would have had a good counselor too. But the group I have surrounded myself with through FB has been my "support group" and through our open discussions I have healed A LOT. But I do see an incredible need in the Church for certified counselors to be able to help people through the process of such pain and at the same time encourage them in their faith. Blessings to you in 2012 and I look forward to being on this journey with you.