Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Book Release!

Well the time has come and I am happy to announce that my first book will be coming out on Friday, June 24th on Nook, Kindle and Paperback. My initial book project has been placed on the back burner to make way for this conversational book. People often times tell me I am a “real pastor” and “transparent” and so the title of this book is “My Life as a Pastor: Real Thoughts from a Real Pastor in the Real World.” With over 250 pages I hit on a wide variety of topics from church boards and politics to outreach to Howard Stern.

Thanks to a GREAT editor I am very happy with how this whole project has gone. Here is the wording from the back cover which I also talk about in the promo video if you click below.

“COME AS YOU ARE!” We’ve seen it plastered on church signs everywhere. The question is: Do we mean it? Would a church welcome an openly gay parishioner? How about a drug addict? A stripper? Would it be okay for a kid to wear his baseball hat in the sanctuary or would he be told to take it off? If we truly say, “Come as you are,” we have to be ready for some, in the words of the late author Mike Yaconelli, “Messy spirituality.”

Pastor Bob Adams has seen his fair share of the good, the bad and the ugly in the church. Pastors are under siege – and it’s often in the form of “friendly fire.” Pastors are held under a microscope and placed high on a pedestal; one wrong comment, one inquiry about one of the church’s “sacred cows” or even the simple act of wearing blues jeans on a Sunday cause many pastors to be tossed aside.

Join Pastor Bob, founder of “That’s Not My God” (http://www.thatsnotmygod.com) and pastor of Radiant Fellowship in Waupaca, Wisconsin for a transparent conversation about everything from board meetings to Howard Stern.

It’s all about being real. As Pastor Bob Adams often says, “Transparency is the key to true relationships and is the best context for discipleship.”

My Life in a Blog Book Promo from Bob Adams on Vimeo.

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