Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Church at the Pub May 2011

This past Sunday night was yet another “Church at the Pub” evening. If you are not aware of this ministry, you can visit it online at www.churchatthepub.com. I am always amazed at what God is doing with this ministry that make many Christians say “yes! That is what ministry is” and many other Christians say, “YOU CAN’T DO THAT!!” Either way it is one of the best ministries from Radiant Fellowship.

This Sunday, I along with 7 other people from the church went in to the pub to enjoy some conversation. Upon entering, the bartender asked me to come over by her. As I did she told me “that guy over there shooting pool is one of the people that benefited from the gas cards you gave out at Christmas.” It was amazing to me that already at the end of May she would remember that single event. I went over to introduce myself to that guy and he was grateful as well.

After taking down two root beers (I know…I shouldn’t binge) many more people began to come into the pub. I met two men that were talking about how their refrigerators at home were empty. Immediately I could have gone into the mode of judgement and wondering what they are doing in a bar than but rather I got to know them. The bartender told me a few things as well about them. I am hoping to raise a couple of hundred dollars to really bless these guys with some groceries. Larry and Scott would really appreciate our help.

As the evening continued one of the ladies from our church broke out a board game and while I was shooting pool with someone I look at the bar and she has most of the patrons wrapped up in this game. AWESOME! Through these conversations the people from Radiant Fellowship were able to talk to them about church and God.

It was almost 11pm and I decided it might be best if I got going since I was there at 8pm. As I said goodbye to one person, the rest of them wanted to shake my hand and say “Bye Bob!!” I literally felt like Norm at Cheers. From one person walking in and saying “HEY! A preacher is here…this is going to be one weird night…me drinking with a preacher.” To another guy saying “you are the coolest preacher in here” lol. To the conversations we had with people and the potential help we can be to others….this ministry continues to grow on me more and more.

If you would like to donate to this ministry, you can do so by going to the website listed above and click on the “paypal” link. You do not need to have a “paypal” account to use this service. Thank you.

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