Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 269: I am Done....FULL STEAM AHEAD

In just 17 days this blog will have been going for one year. Over that period of one year the amount of readers to this blog has grown to 5,000 per month and a ministry was birthed out of it “That’s Not My God” which averages 35,000+ hits a month. The ideal was to have 365 blogs given the amount of days in a year but that was not attained. However, many have thanked me for posting and being brutally transparent which I am very glad to do. I think transparency is the best policy in life as a whole. I am pretty sure the Apostle Paul thinks so as well. Many people appreciate it more then the ones who are just not ready for it. Today I got a message from a person that said this…

“The Lord had granted you pardon, but you abandoned your post. He sent you his servant from his love for you, but you turned him away out of your pride. Now there is a rift in the kingdom of God which he will mend, by cutting the weakness from his midst. For love is what holds the fabric of the kingdom of God together not pride. You will be given a tongue of confusion for a season so that your speech can no longer injure your testimony. Your eyes will be darkened so that no light can pass into your understanding. You will be given a recollection of the light that you once walked in. Pray that the Lord spares you from his judgment this very night, for he is sending you his messenger to do his bidding and to minister unto your heart.”

You know…it is this kind of outright biblical ignorance that drives me nuts. To use the bible to justify your twisted upbringing or knowledge of scripture really aggravates me.

I am done with the daily blogs as of today. There will no longer be the ideal of having one blog a day but I will certainly post at least one a week. Before I talked about life as a pastor and all we have to deal with. The topics ranged struck everyone from people who love you to those who are neither here nor there to people who are complete tools (someone who does not make decisions or statements for themselves. Rather, they parrot a party line and act more on what others may think of them than on what is right.).

What will I talk about from now on with this blog? Pretty much all things related to life. From music to books to movies to thoughts on scripture and doctrine to exposing hypocrisy within the church today. Pretty much nothing is off the table with this blog. What is a blog? According to the dictionary it is “A personal website on which an individual records OPINIONS, links to other sites, etc. on a regular basis.”

If you are ready for even more transparent thoughts and discussion then I invite you to stick around and see what is going on. If you have a mindset of what a pastor ought to be or say then you will either be pleasantly surprised or surprisingly offended. Judging from the growing amount of readers and the mad amount of positive comments…we are all in for a treat. From the two or three who insist on bashing me…in Jesus name get a life and move on. You won’t change me. If that needs to happen…that will come from loving friends and the Holy Spirit.


  1. I'm sorry you didn't like my thoughts I sent you!! Enjoy your tongue of confusion! Man O man...
    Bob... you being you helps me to know I can be me... and you know what?? I think God uses people just like us! It's wildly exciting! Keep up the good fight my brother!

  2. You guys crack me up!

    Great blog, and sorry the "Uber-religious" give you such a hard time. I hate when people misuse scripture to bash someone. Especially using it like a curse. Honestly!!! Keep ya chin up Pastor Bob, you're doin' a great job! (Lets hope they do get a life!)

  3. I'll keep reading. Looking forward to watching you offend people. teeheehee