Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 258: I Can't Quit You....FACEBOOK

One of the things that I have never understood about people dating (okay a little bit) are the Christians that date and move WAY TO FAST. This usually results in them not having any time for themselves because they are with the one they are dating ALL OF THE TIME. The next step is to say, "we just needed to stop for awhile so we can focus on Jesus again." This is also a great line if you are wanting to break up with someone. I am finding this to be true however in a new area of life called, "social networking." The large issue at hand here is self-control.

Let me just throw it out there that this message is geared towards those in ministry. I would go toe to toe with any pastor who talks about using Facebook too much. I think as a pastor or staff pastor it only makes sense that you utilize Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Blogging, etc. to it's fullest potential. Some think I live in on Facebook because of my rapid responses but outside of sermon prep, if I am by my 17" desktop computer monitor than I do a split screen. One half is my Facebook page and the other half is what I am working on. This is the new way to stay in touch with people and whether we want to admit it or not, people from our churches are on this thing A LOT! I know personally I am always wired in with Facebook and twitter on my iPhone. For those who don't have a church office due to size of building, no building or a different ministry can use Facebook as a virtual office. I use Facebook and Skype as my virtual office though I prefer face to face the best.

Here in lies the danger of social networking sites....THEY ARE ADDICTING!!! I know between my iPhone, Laptop, Desktop, and soon iPad 2 I am very wired in however you have to know when to stop. Just like the dating thing I mentioned above, if you do not exercise some self-control then it will consume your life and you end up needing a break. It really comes down to self-control and knowing what is still important in life. If you can monitor yourself and make what's important...important than Facebook and other social networking sites can be a blast and help your ministry grow.

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  1. *giggle* yes I take time away from the computer each day. It's something I have to force myself to do because my job and my ministry are both online endeavors. :P Thank you for committing time to this blog and the That's not My God page on Facebook. It's part of my daily feasting :)