Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 226: Rock the Boat

In my opinion there are so many Christian periodicals that all have some good articles. If you look at your church periodicals rack or local Christian bookstore magazine rack…you will see many that have good articles. The same can be said about Christian cable...everything that you see is there to not cause any waves but rather just go with the flow.This is okay but so boring after awhile.

I cannot help but to think of such authors like C.S. Lewis whose writings went across the grain. Even today there are those authors that are free to share their own thoughts which results in some liking them and many more disliking. At least these authors are sharing their true thoughts and interpretations of scripture and view on the church.

I wonder how many pastors do that today? How many pastors truly share what they want to share or are hindered because they know if they truly shared what was on their heart….the board/congregation might get offended. I would urge pastors to pastor. If you have a message for the church that you know it is something you ought to share but don’t want to as not to rock the boat…it is a slippery slope. Soon you will just be giving a message that people have heard hundreds of times in many different church settings. It’s okay to rock the boat….go for it!

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