Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 218: You're Not the Holy Spirit

I am currently working through the bible in trying to find areas where it says we ought to nag people into a relationship with Jesus Christ. Honestly, I have been researching this because it happens quite a bit. This is how a conversation will sometimes go when I am approached by some...

Friend: Pastor Bob, keep me in prayer because I am trying to lead someone to the Lord but they are being hard headed.

Me: Ah...I see.

Friend: They have told me that all I do is annoy them but I am going to keep on prodding them along. Do you have any words of advice for me?

You see, my words of advice to them would be "BE THEIR FRIEND!" To be someone's friend is also to love them like a friend. I would like to believe that through your friendship, words spoken, etc. your life would be a testimony to them of who God is. It is no wonder they do not want to come to church when you are being a nag. I never see once where a disciple, apostle, prophet, teacher or Jesus nagged people until they came to church. What happens if they do get to that point and say "YES I will go to church" and ends up going to the Lutheran church? Success or failure because they didn't go to your church?

According to the bible and my understanding, we plant the seed and God cultivates that. Let the Holy Spirit do it's work...don't try and be the Holy Spirit because you will fail at it.