Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 216: Weddings

There are a lot of things a pastor gets to do each year. Many of the fun things would include Sunday mornings, meeting with people, being asked to be a guest speaker and one of my favorites....weddings! I think so far I have done 31 weddings since I became a youth pastor in 1996. I have only done one funeral...still a green horn at those. I am thinking back to all of the weddings I have done and think only two ended in a divorce. Last year I got to do a few here in Waupaca that were so much fun, elegant, and beautiful. I am telling you that if you want a great backdrop for a wedding then come to Waupaca. Between the Red Mill and Spencer Lake Christian Center and a few people's backyards (lol) this really is God's country.

This year I already have two on the docket and in 2012 I have two lined up as well. One of those weddings consists of my sister-in-laws friend's wedding. The other is such an honor as I get to do another wedding for a kid that was in my youth group back in Milwaukee. She won't mind me mentioning her name, Jessica grew up at the church I youth pastored at. When I came on staff she was 8 or 9 years old and eventually grew up to be in the youth group. A few weeks ago she asked me on facebook if I would consider doing her wedding. This is a no brainer for an old youth pastor even if it is a drive...what an honor for any former youth pastor to do.

Being a pastor or staff pastor at most churches really is an awesome thing. The stories you hear of those who had a difficult time are really few and far between. I fall into that category and have many dear friends that do as well. If you can get on staff though where the atmosphere is great the people you are working with are real then in the words of Reggie Dabbs "I cannot believe I am getting paid to do this."

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