Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 215: 10,000

I am excited and yet humbled to know that this blog is just over a hundred hits from 10,000 hits. I am thankful for so many great readers and those who try to derail me. From topics like surviving in ministry to giving my opinion on what works for my wife and I as parents in ministry, I get many different responses. I think what makes a blogger laugh (just a bit) are the ones who take what a blogger writes and posts it hopefully to shed a bad light on the author. This happened just this week…and the week before, etc. What is always amazing to me are the couple negative responses I get as a result of those posting to other websites and the overwhelming response I get from those who read it on websites this is posted to. Some people are just very uncomfortable when someone is willing to be transparent and share their own opinion. I have gotten messages this week that people are praying I repent, etc. The good emails though FAR outweighed the negative comments.

Really, I am humbled by the amount of pastors and those in ministry that email me to thank me for the encouraging words. I am what they call a "first generation" pastor which means I am the first of my family to go into ministry. I have a saying that I am a P.K. which usually stands for Pastor's Kid but for me it stands for "polishers kids". My dad was a polisher for Harley Davidson and I was raised going to church by my mom and dad which helped me become a pastor. This is why I may not be the most politically correct pastor when it comes to blogging but I can tell you I am probably the most transparent. Whether you are reading my blog because you enjoy it or hoping that I make the announcement that I am going to stop blogging....Here is to another 10,000 hits on this blog. God is good!

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