Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 205: Truly Humbled

This is something I have already known but decided to put it into a blog. I am constantly amazed at the places God continues to take me each year. This year is really no different. From a few speaking engagements to being a seminar speaker at Cornerstone Festival for a week…I am truly humbled that God would use me in these ways let alone pastor the coolest church I can think of (but then again I am a little bias).

With so many readers coming to my blog I can expect and do hear from many who are truly blessed and challenged by what I write. Without a doubt there are those who come to read and may have no real opinion. Some may like me and some may not…I am the first to welcome all people who may have a difference with me. In fact I began an online ministry that welcomes such discussion.

The ones that I don’t understand are the ones I don’t even consider to be a Christian but a Pharisee. These are the ones that bring my name up in their messages or read quotes from my blog only to blast me and my ministry. It comes as no surprise that these people or “pastors” would do this but doesn’t it get old? I have been brought up in messages where I would think people might begin to think how sick the pastor(s) is that keeps on doing this. These people are known more for what they hate than they love and quite honestly if I attended a church like this…I would leave. Anytime you have someone whose messages keep comparing themselves to other churches and how they are right and everyone else is wrong, it is time to leave that church. In fact, I would encourage those who read this that attend a church like that to leave. Go some place where they preach the bible and not always slamming other churches and other Christians. Usually, those who are constantly comparing are the ones who have nothing wise to offer so they have to tear down someone else to elevate themselves. It is these Pastors/churches that Jesus would call “Pharisees that make their converts twice the sons of hell they are”. I just pray they could go on their way and leave me out of the message…that gets old to the congregants to hear about me in messages. I would like to thank these pastors/churches for the free advertising however to this blog.

Thank you to everyone else that reads these blogs and enjoy them! I really enjoy doing these blogs and look forward to continuing them! For those who are pastors/etc. that decide to go public with blogging and sharing your thoughts out loud, expect the good, the bad and the ungodly.


  1. In the above article you use the term "Pharisee". I've heard this term bantered about lately, when it comes to referring to this pastor. Could you define exactly what you mean when you use this word (what is a Pharisee) and tell me why you think it should apply to this pastor? You also used the word hate. That's a pretty powerful word according to scripture. The bible does tell us to hate in certain circumstances.( hate sin, hate evil. hate ungodliness, false teaching, etc. Do you believe pastors should speak out on these things or remain silent? Do you feel that by saying what you've said in the above article,it might look like to some, that you are doing exactly what you are coming against? Just want to get your feedback on these questions. Thanks

  2. Jon...I don't mind that you post on my blogs. I am a very open guy that way. I will always welcome all trains of thought. I will not however acknowledge any more of your statements or questions. You and I DO NOT see eye to eye and probably never will. Any and all discussion would lead to more questions and more debate. Are people that bored in Milwaukee these days that they monitor all of my writings and use them in messages? That is boring.

    What is a pretty powerful word(s) btw is when a pastor prays for another pastor to be taken out. I did not appreciate that.

    Please feel free to keep reading these blogs but rest assured I will not acknowledge your posts any longer. I have forgiven you and pray the best for you and your family but there is no need for me to keep reopening healed wounds. Have a nice life.

  3. Bob, I'm sorry you feel that way. I didn't think my questions where all that threatening. You had made some statements in your blog, and I wanted you to clarify them. You made the statement in the opening of your article that you "started the online ministry to welcome such discussions". Apparently that is not true. Regretably you have done, in this case, what I've seen you do so many times before. You make a comment or voice your opinion on something and when your are questioned on it you go into hiding. You refuse any and all communication and go to your bunker. When someone holds your feet to the fire, you run. Why won't you defend the things that you believe are true? If you don't feel you owe it to me to respond, I would think that you would feel that you owe a response to my questions to your readers. Stand up for what you believe and defend it.

  4. Pastor Bob... the lord is your defender....glad u have chosen to trust that path.

  5. Thank you....anonymous. I appreciate that.

  6. The Lord Jesus preached hard to the Pharisees, not because of adultery or gluttony, but because of self righteousness. I believe Bob is well within those bounds in this article. I don't see Bob harassing pastors, he doesn't mention names, he doesn't pick on 'sins' of pastors, but he is a powerful prophetic voice that exposes self righteousness in clergy. People are going to have a difference of opinion about how to reach people with God's love, how to organize their church's governance, etc, but when so called pastors are ripping into people, condemning them, and insisting they are 'right' and other pastors are 'wrong' then praise God that Bob has the courage to speak up on behalf of the people.

    Pastors are held to a higher standard but not of the law..but of grace. They are to be more gracious, respectful, and wise than the people they are encouraging in the faith. When pastors hold people to the law, it's the letter of that law that kills people. Pastors are subject to pastors therefore a pastor holding another pastor up to the higher standard of grace is very biblical.