Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 203: Simplify

This week Tracy and I took a step to simplify our lives a bit. How did we do this? We got rid of our television in our living room. Now before you rush to conclusions please understand that I am not going to pursue this blog with the mindset that you should get rid of television as well. Fact of the matter is my office still has a 19” HDTV and the family room downstairs has our 56” HDTV. I would not survive without television ha ha ha.

What I am getting at is that we put a stereo in our living room as it is the room we use the most in the house. This causes our children to be even more creative with their time and it allows us to slow down as well and not always tune into TV. We have a stereo where I can plug my iPod into it which really makes for a room that is quite peaceful until Believer or Tourniquet shows up on shuffle.

Simplicity is a good thing and I would encourage you to simplify however that may look for you.

Btw. The picture is of our new arrangement. The stereo I got for Christmas for is for my garage. Once spring has sprung we will replace it with a little more easy on the eye stereo.

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