Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 202: 20 Things I Have Learned in Ministry

20 Things I Have Learned After 15 Years of Full Time Vocational Ministry…SO FAR

1. Always try to look for the best in people. Everyone has something to offer.

2. Don’t let limitations others put on you dictate your future. Christians and non-Christians can be mean.

3. Guard your spouse from the bad times in ministry, because there will be those times.

4. Some of the meanest people you’ll meet are pastors and board members.

5. Stay financially secure.

6. Wearing black is NOT detrimental to church growth.

7. Always listen to God.

8. Even though some people will spread lies about you, you take the high road and don’t bad mouth them behind their backs.

9. There is two sides to every story…don’t believe just one side of it.

10. Even though church politics can get burdensome, the ministry side of church will always be awesome.

11. Pray often for your spouse (and kids if applicable).

12. Do a date night with your wife at least once a week.

13. Choose a day you will have off each week and HOLD IT SACRED!

14. Hang onto your CLOSE FRIENDS because in the life of a pastor...they are hard to come by.

15. Always study the bible at an in-depth level.

16. You will not please everyone so don’t even try.

17. You’re not going to grow the church; God will grow His church (sounds biblical).

18. People will leave your church/ministry; you don’t want them if they don’t want to be there. Just pray they keep attending some church/ministry.

19. Expect interruptions when you finally get some family time. You will be asked to do many things with little thanks. Just know you did the right thing.

20. Always show love for those who volunteer at your church or on paid staff where you are the lead pastor.

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