Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 188: Trinitarian Snow Blowing!

So I got thinking about Trinitarian living once again as I was snow blowing this evening. You know...average things a person things about while working heavy machinery. This past Sunday at church I talked about Trinitarian living instead of transactional living. If you are a little hazy on what I am talking can listen to the message by clicking here.

A couple of months ago our neighbor across the street had a hip replacement and usually does all of his own snow blowing. He is retired and enjoys getting out there when I begin to do my own yard. This year he will not be able to which would leave his wife to do it. I told him this fall that I will take care of it this year for him. The plan of attack will be my property, his property and then off to church. The crazy thing is that about a week ago I met with a young man who is starting his own plowing service and asked to park his truck at church. In return this guy would plow our church parking lot and snow blow the sidewalks as well FOR FREE which I usually did for the past 4 years. This was a welcomed deal to which I accepted! Was I excited about it? Sure. It was not until tonight though that it really sank in what just happened...TRINITARIAN LIVING...NOT TRANSACTIONAL!

If you were to look at this situation and the three people involved (me, the neighbor, the plower) you would not have known who was giving or receiving because we were all doing those very things in a non-transactional kind of way. We were all blessed to give and receive with expecting nothing in return. Great stuff and an awesome reminder!

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