Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 169: Black Ops

Today began something that happens all too often in church circles. You see tonight...well actually tomorrow morning at 12:00 a.m. "Call of Duty: Black Ops" comes out for XBOX 360. What always happens with games like this is that you get those who camp out in front of stores in order to get one. I am quite confident this does not happen in, Waupaca, where I live. The stores here will get this game on the shelves in about a month or so (note sarcasm). This is no different than those that camped out for tickets back in the day, etc.

What I heard today is sadly typical when Christians say, "you know if those people had that kind of zeal for church they would be better off." Others have even attacked other Christians for camping out for this game. They make the statement that "if you had that kind of zeal for God.......". This type of conversation is beyond frustrating. In my book it is as stupid as a pastor standing up in front of his church saying, "I know if you were at a football game right now you would be a different person! I want you to act like that in church this morning!!!!". No, you really don't. Fact is many would be kicked out of a church if they acted like the way they do at a football game. How do I know this? Because if the music was bad, the message was off, long, or you really want someone to get up and yell "YOU SUCK!"? What about if a pastor makes a good point...should someone get up and scream for a long time? What if someone in the middle of the closer yelled, "WAVE WAVE WAVE 1...2....3" and the wave started.

You see in my opinion these kinds of arguments are senseless. What is wrong with being a Christian and having a little fun as well. Do people really have to correlate the two together? "Well if you can stay up all night waiting for a video game, you can stay up all night praying." FAIL.

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  1. I've heard pastors at one time or another say something about people having more enthusiathism for a football game then they have for church. My take on is that there not saying you can't have fun, their asking us to examine our priorities. This is what pastors do. They ask us questions, not to belittle us, but to make us think about the things in our lives that we may be placing before God. Pastors aren't asking you to act like your at a football game, their asking you why aren't you as excited about being in the presence of God as your are about watching a football game.