Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day 153: Pink Floyd Message Press Release for Waupaca

If all goes according to plan and with a little editing, this press release will be in the paper here in Waupaca. It is my hope people find freedom through this message!

On Sunday, October 31st Radiant Fellowship will be wrapping up its series "God at the Box Office" with a message entitled..."The Gospel According to Pink Floyd." Pastor Bob Adams, lead pastor of Radiant Fellowship will be doing a message drawn from Pink Floyd's movie "The Wall" and the bible. There will be great music and the worship team will be playing one of the tunes from the movie.

Pastor Bob says, "There is much too be learned from this movie and the parallels there are between Pink's story in The Wall and the institution we call 'Church'". This will be a message that will challenge people to be free believers and think things through on their own. Pastor Bob says, "it will be a liberating message for those who are or were raised in denominations where it was not okay to question but rather go with everything being taught."

Pastor Bob attended the live performance of Roger Water's performance of "The Wall" in late September at the United Center in Chicago. Although he has always seen parallels between the religious institution and "The Wall" it was after seeing this live performance that Pastor Bob felt moved to deliver a message paralleling that performance and church life.

Radiant Fellowship meets at 10:00 a.m. at 420 N. Harrison St. in Waupaca, WI. For more information call 715-258-3005 or email: info@radiantfellowship.net

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