Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 150: Politics

A few weeks ago a nice gentleman came to my door with campaign brochures. I live on a golden corner if you want to promote a rummage sale, sell something, or promote a candidate. Perhaps the candidate he was promoting was a very nice guy but I kindly told him, "given the profession I have chosen to be in...I will not put that up because I take a bipartisan stand on politics."

What I really wanted to tell him was that I find all political ads stupid and mind numbing. After watching a thirty second ad, I feel a minute of my life has been wasted. In my opinion I feel republicans will always vote republican and democrats for the democrats. What I am confident in is that no matter what party a candidate is from...there is plenty of lying going on in order to get into office. Once in, they fail miserably at following through on their promises. I think to say you are a "Christian Politician" is like saying you are a "Christian Lawyer or used car salesman." There are very few who can truly say that but for the most part "Christian" slapped onto something is nothing more than a marketing tool in order to push through an agenda.

Okay....that is my politics rant for the night.

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