Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 147: Things Change

I was recently talking to another pastor who is also an international speaker. We talked about the issue of how some of the things we preached about years ago are now things we would never teach again. It is funny because I have always archived my sermons beginning with my first message as a youth pastor. I did not throw out any of the messages but I sure laughed at some of the things I taught on.

Within the past few years I talked to a pastor I have looked up to for years. I would dare say since I was about 18 or so. We talked about this same issue and he agreed that some things he taught on way back then are things he is not sure that he believes anymore.

This is an interesting thing because we tend to think that a sermon we hear is the final authority on that subject. The only problem is that it is not...our interpretations change, our prejudices change, our intellect on the bible grows and we now see things deeper. In some cases we see things shallower because perhaps we read to deeply into things that should have never been looked into that deep before. Regardless of the situation it is important not to discard an old teaching...God still used it and there was truth in it. It is important though to always be open to new ways in which God is talking to you.

Feel free to ask me questions regarding what topics I have changed my tune on.

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