Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 127: BE HEALED...Wait....BE HEALED...Uh....

I just got to talk to someone who was so discouraged because they were manipulated into believing that God is not healing them of their illness due to sin in their life. This was told to them by a guest speaker at a church in another state. I simply cannot believe people like this get to travel from church to church and rob money from people making ignorant statements like this. Even more I cannot believe people don't see right through least those of us who thoroughly read the bible.

I don't see anywhere in scripture where Jesus said, "you need to get clean before I heal you." Did he tell this to the paralyzed man being lowered through the hole in the roof? Did Jesus ever say, "Hey...lady! Maybe the reason you are bleeding all over for years is that you have some deep dark hidden sin that you need to confess first....then I will heal you."

What hacks me off is the immense damage SOME of these evangelists...wait..."QUACKS" are teaching. They are literally no different than the old "Snake oil Traveling Medicine Shows" of the old west. The Christian community would do well to discern these non-Christians teaching and never have them back in their church. Perhaps their stage should be on Coney Island with the other freak shows.

I wish I had an answer for those who have not been healed that have been following Christ faithfully. This could be a question we ask God when we get to heaven, but honestly at that point...who cares. We are to be faithful to God whatever we are facing. By all means pray for a healing and be ready for one but don't beat yourself up if it does not happen. Be wary of those pastors and evangelists that think they have healing boiled down to a science on what you should and shouldn't do in order to be healed. Jesus blew every equation out of the water with his earthly ministry.


  1. The problem is we have accounts in the bible of people who were healed, even people who were raised from the dead. Since they are in the bible we are apt to think that this is the normal way in which God worked. How then, do we explain, the countless stories of people from biblical times who never received a healing? And all of the people that were not raised from the dead? Healing is a miracle, it is a wonderful thing and I am with ya Bob I say there is no problem with asking God for a healing but it shouldn't be expected. If our faith is based upon God answering our prayers and what God can do for us than we've a shallow faith indeed. My prayer is that people are seeking a deeper more meaningful relationship with our Father through Jesus.

  2. Thank you, Pastor Bob, for doing what you do best- telling it just like it is. Just as the Bible said. That's my Jesus.....that's my God!