Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 99: Christians and Politics

There are many scripture in the bible that speak to the issue of not worrying about tomorrow. However, I find it intriguing that many Christians are so wrapped up in worrying about the government. It is evident with facebook posts, blogs, etc. Quite honestly all I see these posts as are nothing more than a group of frightened people failing to trust in a God that will take care of us. Should we worry as much as we do about government? In my opinion I don't think so. Let God take care of it.


  1. Bob, this goes beyond just politics... it comes down to whether we will sit idly by and allow our God-given freedoms to be taken away, or stand for what is right. Yes, God is in control, but can you honestly say that all we should do is sit on our hands and hope for the best? I don't think so. Just as during our Revolution, men fought for the freedom of the nation, but they did not win it alone - "the Divine Hand of Providence" as George Washington called it, is what bestowed upon us the most amazing gift: America. If we don't continue to make a stand for the cause of Liberty, then we may as well stop speaking Truth - and close our churches - right now. For when the shield of Liberty falls, it is my children and your children who have the most to lose.
    Satan is a tyrant, and he is pushing our government further into the totalitarian realm...he wants our kids, and when the government has total control of our lives, they will come for the kids more-so than they already do! The powers that be have already begun an assault on the Church - and if we lose our freedoms, we WILL be driven underground. So how could anyone NOT care about this?

  2. I have a problem with all the facebook posts and status updates to because that is as far as people will go. They complain about the way things are in the government but do nothing to change it. I think it’s important for us to know what is going on in our nations' government, but a line can be drawn between being proactive involvement and complaining. I think we as Christians do more complaining than anything else. If you don’t like the way things are then change it.