Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 90: Be Daring Part 2 of 2

As the hip hop fest continued it came time for the b-boy battle (break dancing for you rural folk). This was OMAZING! However, this event brought in gang members, and an adult that kept telling us to turn down the music. It was at this point I was using the spiritual gift of selective hearing hehe. While the concert was going on in our nice new building...a few kids decided to graffiti our entire bathroom. When I saw this, honestly I thought, "SWEEEEEET! Now we are doing ministry." I am so thankful we had a good cleaner on hand to take care of it quickly. Again, the next week I got pulled into the principal's office and told "don't do that again." Immediately I went to Dan Betzer's quote over and over again. Don't say "amen" to something if you don't mean it!

Fast forward a few years and Radiant Fellowship is doing it! Does this mean everything is working that we have tried? No. It was Rick Warren (yes, I do enjoy his ministry) that said, "for every 1,000 things we have has worked." The key is that we are not afraid to try new things. From making our church look toxic to other edgy things...we are not afraid to do it in order to show people the love of Christ. If things work out for the future, we will have one big outreach event unlike anything Waupaca has ever seen. The only hint I can give at this time is this, we are targeting a crowd consider "the outcasts" in high-school, college, and adult life. YAY GOD!!!!

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