Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 86: Being a Pastor Rocks!

Anytime you are on staff at church you will experience good times and the not so glamorous times. This weekend was one of the great times! It is normal for a pastor to have those feelings of thinking, "What? This is what I do for a living? AWESOME!"

See, yesterday at church was just amazing. We continue to see new people attending church, ministry is happening and we all get along! This is makes for a beautiful church. Our tag line is "accepting, real, relational" and I see that more and more.

Last night though was one of those times I did not have to counsel, preach, do visitation or anything and still ministry was happening. All I had to do was take the youth group out in my boat for a cruise on the chain o' lakes. It was first the guys turn to go then the girls with our youth directors. It was great seeing one kid that experienced his first time in a ski boat. I went full open to fly across the lake and he was sitting in the back yelling "THIS IS AWESOME!!" Even the little pranks that happen where a guy pours water on all the seats before the girls got it made me laugh.

It is great to be pastor in these times. The youth directors at Radiant Fellowship are doing a great job and I know we are both excited about the not so distant future for this youth ministry!

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  1. That's awesome!!! :D
    It was such a beautiful day for that too!