Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 124: Thank You God...But I'm Good

I have noticed a trend in some different cities as it pertains to business owners from all walks of life as it pertains to "the church." I suppose there is a chance with this blog one could assume I am not out to make friends....on the contrary I hope this blog serves to bring us back to where it all began. All of my blogs are done to get us thinking and out of love.

It peaks my interest a bit as to why people abandon the church when things go well. Let me explain. When a young Christian business man/woman starts off on their entrapenerual endeavor to launch a business it seems they make it a point to be at church often. They are fully trusting God to give them wisdom and connections to make this thing happen. I don't blame them one bit...when you start your own business it usually requires quite a bit of money. No one wants to see that not fly. Sadly though the trend tends to be once the business gets going the need for God begins dwindling. If it is a business that relies heavily on new contacts then this person will leave one church and move on to the next one in the pursuit wanting to get involved more all while building up their clientelle under the table. Eventually once the business is running well enough and is consuming this persons is not even a blip on their radar anymore.

I recall having a conversation with a business owner a few years ago. He told me, "Once I started coming to church, giving and praying my business has just taken off leaps and bounds!" Well, sadly to this day they are no longer in a church and are now just using Sundays as his day off because business is going so well. What does that say about this person's spiritual walk? Why do I get the feeling that when things begin to tank again they will be back at church? Nothing like using God.

It is important to remember our roots and to stick with them. If God has blessed us with a place of power and ownership of a business and recognize it is God that brought us here....why do we then give up on the things that got us to that point?

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