Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 102: Take Initiative

I would say this to anyone that is going to be on any kind of staff position at a church, "you need to be a self-starter and don't expect other people to do your job." The reason I say this is that I think this is the downfall of new people starting off in ministry. It could also be the downfall of those that have been in ministry for a long time and wondering why they have a hard time fitting in.

Anytime a person is on staff at a church and comes up with a fresh innovative is a good thing. The problem is when that person than passes the idea onto someone else or expects someone else to do it. Now, this is all well and good if there are volunteers to do it. The other side of it though is when there is no one else to do it and therefore gets neglected. Basically what I am saying is don't promise to come up with a bunch of grand ideas unless you are willing to make it happen. If others come alongside you and help...GREAT. But don't be afraid to start it yourself as well. This will make for a happier staff and church.

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