Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 87: Confirmation

Today was a great day…it was a menagerie of events. I went from laying patio brick to doing a wedding rehearsal and then off to a graduation party. Everything about it was awesome…it even included my friend Monica stopping by the house to deliver a DQ blizzard while my other friend, Rick and I layed brick (sorry Rick, she came after you left).

As I was kicking back for awhile at a party someone came up to me as I was eating a cookie bar and said, “I really enjoy your blogs…you come at things from a different direction and that is refreshing.” This is a person that is involved in a well established church. I could tell he thought the blogs were refreshing. This is why I blog and do what I do. Not to buck anything but rather bring to light some new truths and hopefully say what others might be thinking through respectful conversation.

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