Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 85: Church and Politics

I had a great conversation with someone who is older than me by about 17 years on the issue of church and politics. This person is someone I look up to in the business world as he is very savvy with finances and owns his own successful business. We got on the issue of politics and how there is a certain pastor in another state getting quite verbal about his political stance at his church...let's say it is not going well.

As a pastor I believe it is not my role to sway someone one way or the other in their political stance. All are welcome into the body of Christ. The reason we were talking about this topic though, because there are rumors the IRS could be tagging churches that are strong in their political teachings. My friend is an accountant for 30+ years and studies the IRS. It has been rumored that the IRS could pull tax-exempt status from churches that basically use the church as a podium for politics. This does not surprise me given the times we live in but none-the-less churches need to be careful. Pastors need to be careful.

I think it is not the role of the church anyway to preach one party or another when it comes to politics. Plain and simple, love everyone and do your duty and vote.

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  1. AMEN! AMEN! Amen! ahem...and stop putting out those thinly veiled Republican voting guides..what a joke! I've had to stop more than one discussion at a small group or a Sunday School class, etc. that assumed all present were in political agreement. Particularly when some in the room were neither white nor middle-class. Sheesh!