Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 84: It's Going to Get Creepy

So I am wrapping up my first message in our new message series "The X-Files of the Bible." This is not a corny Easter message title but truly a series based on some very obscure things in the bible. From giants to salvation we will cover it in this August series. This is going to be in-depth, challenging, mind stretching and perhaps even creepy.

As I am wrapping up this first message I find two things very interesting. The first thing is that I am dealing with the issue of the Nephilim. If you are not familiar with this story from Genesis chapter 6, please tune into the podcast that will be posted on Monday, August 1st. This study has given me a renewed interest in going deeper about the events of the end times. These Nephilim were a huge deal in the days of Noah. If this is the case, and scriptures states that the end days will be like "the days of Noah" then we are in for a real treat (sarcastically speaking of course).

I never want to get weird in my studies of end times but after putting a message together like I am for this Sunday at church...one cannot be a little weirded out by what happened and what is to come.

Oh...the second thing I find weird? My iTunes is on shuffle and Saviour Machine is playing over and over with very creepy end time songs. I like it!