Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 74: New Friends

Today it was good to get back in the groove of something Tracy and I used to be a part of. Since this blog is for pastors or pastors to be, let me share a little insight with you. It becomes very easy to get caught up in this bubble of church friends. Please understand that it is not bad to have friends from church (obviously) the fact of the matter is some of our best friends are from church. However, the problem becomes that all you talk about then is church stuff. Sure you will have fun and enjoy some great laughs but it seems it always goes back to church things.

Today Tracy and I re-joined the Waupaca Jaycees. This is a great group of people from 20's to 40 year olds. I am glad I rejoined because I only have 4 more years until I am 40 lol. With this group though are people that have fact many kids and they are great people. You have everyone from a dentist to family practice doctors to graphic designers to pastors in this group. They are a sharp group of business minded people wanting to make a positive change in our community by providing scholarships and community events. Of course the meetings that happen twice a month are always around a picnic at a local park where the kids can play, the adults can talk and we may get some business done along the way.

What is nice for a pastor and I am sure anyone in their career is that you can talk about life, kids, etc. and won't have to worry about someone stating a concern about the church. Pastors need their time off as well and when we are kicking back with the family on the boat, at the park or at home...last thing we want to talk about is church stuff. It would be like my wife coming home and me talking with her all the time about nursing things and problems at the hospital. Imagine, "hey babe, I made tacos for dinner tonight...oh...and did you notice that the toilet paper has not been restocked at the hospital? I could have done it but thought I would just tell you." Even pastors need time each day to turn off the phone, not talk about church or ministry and just hang out with friends. I would dare say pastors all the more because this calling in life scoffs at 40 hour work weeks sometimes. A pastor can think he is done for the day and than that phone call comes. You know the visit, crisis counseling, etc. We love it and that is why we do it...but pastors need their time as well.

I love all of my friends and am grateful to have them. It is also great to have a diverse group to hang out with. To any pastor that is reading this...I cannot suggest to you strongly enough to join a Chamber of Commerce, Lions, Rotary or Jaycee's group. NOT SO YOU CAN THINK IT IS A GREAT WAY TO GET MORE PEOPLE IN YOUR CHURCH!!! GET THAT THOUGHT OUT OF YOUR HEAD. Many of these great people already attend a great church. It is for the friendship and getting to know new people in the community. It will be good for you.

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