Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 71: Welcome Opinions

Today was a great time to contemplate a few things going on in my brain. I decided since the kids were at daycare, and my wife had to work, why not take out the boat for a cruise on the Chain O' Lakes. The biggest thing I was kicking around while cruising was the question, "why do people think you hate something because you talk about it in perhaps a constructive-criticism way?" I understand at times giving constructive criticism can appear to be pompous, hurtful, or worse hateful. For years there has been a Christian radio station in Milwaukee that seem to base their ministry on tearing down the body of Christ so it fits their mold. Though I disagree with them vehemently...if you were to ask them why they are doing this? You would probably get the answer "because we love the body of Christ too much to let it fall away." I have been involved in many committees and boards especially while I have been in Waupaca. From the Chamber of Commerce, to the Pregnancy Information Center, to my very own church board....there will inevitably be a time that someone will make a hurtful comment. Why? Not because they hate it but rather because they love it and really want to see it change for the better. Or what they would call for the better.

I will be honest and transparent (which sometimes gets me in trouble). There have been a couple times in my blogs that I have talked perhaps sharply towards the Assemblies of God (as a whole). Usually it is to vent a frustration or concern. Do I hate the Assemblies of God? ABSOLUTELY NOT! I was raised in it from baby up. It provides great fellowship for pastors, and freedom to do what you see fit for your church. So why would I or, for that matter anyone sometimes talk openly about it? Because we love it so much that it would be great to see a change in one area or more. Does that make my idea of what change is the right thing to do? Maybe not, but in my opinion it is something I believe in none-the-less understanding it may not happen and that is okay. That is why we have resolutions at business meetings. In my book it is okay to have a spirited debate about these matters as long as we are willing to realize church goers have a right to their opinion. At the end of the day whether something is agreed on or not...whether I or someone else who raises a point agrees with it or be it. We all move on.

It is no mystery I can be very opinionated about church boards and politics. Why? Because I believe (because I am living it) that a board at a church can be the very life blood of that fellowships existence. When a board is clicking and listening to the members and ministry is happening....WHAT A JOYOUS EXPERIENCE!!!!! That is my only desire in talking about things like this. What about people that post comments, blogs, etc. about organizations I am a part of? How do I handle the person that takes pot shots at me or my church (because it happens....A TON back a few years ago)? I figure they have the right to say what they wish and I move on. I cannot tell you how many people I have "unfriended on facebook" from these parts(fact is....I have been dropped by MANY as well) that were once involved and got caught up in the politics we dealt with here in Waupaca. The way I look at it? The reputation of my church, me and my ministry are in God's hands and he will take care of anything that needs to be taken care of. People are entitled to free speech and in this age where Facebook and blogging seems to be the norm....I must be ready to accept it.

I ALWAYS welcome comments on my blogs and would love to hear from you. Will I apologize for what I write? On the rare-occasion I have been known to do that. Do I make a habit of it? NO, because they are my opinions. I talk about church, boards, ministry, etc. because I love it and wan to see all bible believing churches survive and make it. Could I be wrong in someone's opinion? ABSOLUTELY! I guess that is why there will always be differences in opinion on how to do ministry. Let's keep the goal the goal though and win people to God.

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