Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 68: I Miss Church

Today was a great day! I am looking forward to Sunday at church. It was last week that I missed our Sunday service because I was doing ministry at Cornerstone Festival. This raised a question for me that I have been kicking around all week. How do you know you have a healthy pastor and church? I believe it is when the pastor is gone for a week and feels like a part of him/her is missing. Radiant Fellowship is my family and I love them. From the worship to kid’s ministry and the youth I really dig all aspect of this church. It is going to be good to get back in the saddle again this Sunday!

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  1. I thought I should clarify as I look back at this blog. I wholeheartedly believe in not having a board full of yes people. I have served in a church like that...never again. We don't appoint our board but rather elect. Just at our last board meeting we disagreed on an issue...that is awesome. It keeps everyone level headed and prevents the pastor ... See Morefrom always getting his/her way. The board should be unique...I was refering to the under-handed/under the table crap you see in few boards. I hope that helps a bit.