Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 66: Wednesday Night Bible Studies

The church I pastor is not different than most in regards to having a midweek bible study. There are many different things being taught all across the nation in bible believing churches. One thing that frustrates me though is the lack of people sitting in on these studies. Over and over you hear people talk about the need for discipleship and personal enrichment. I can tell you as a pastor that true discipleship never has and never will happen in the realm of a Sunday morning service. True discipleship happens in fellowship groups and small group studies.

This is the interesting thing though, when a church has a program in place for discipleship and than pulls it because nobody shows up or attendance is minimal at best, you always get the ones who say, "we really need a good program" and than never show up.

I cannot stress enough how important these times of discipleship are. It is during these times that they build our knowledge in the word so we don't fall for just any teaching or ideal.

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  1. Just "stumbled" onto your blog. As fate would have it I am looking to help my church increase the wed nite bible study. While the Sunday service is well attended, averaging 1200 or so, our wed wed nite bible study is lucky to draw 50 people.