Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day 59: Cornerstone Update 5 of 9

Today is a humbling day for me because at 8 p.m. I go on stage at the Sanctuary tent to share with them something God has laid on my heart. I am looking forward to sharing “God Loves When You Go on Vacation.” In the past days, I have had the opportunity to kick-off a record label party and share a little here and there. What has been a lot of fun for me is the endless conversations from people coming up and chatting. The ministry here is really going well. I get to talk to everyone from hippies to headbangers and goth to RIP YOUR FACE OFF HARDCORE ROCK people (I am like a pig in mud at Cornerstone). I will be the first to admit not all the music is my favorite, but I think it is really good. That is just one aspect of this festival though.

It is a humbling here on the grounds walking around the same place I did 15+ years ago with friends from my youth group. A lot has changed since then, but now God has thrust me into a place of doing ministry here. I guess He saw something in a kid back in 1993 who was rocking a mullet and experienced his first mosh pit at “Wish For Eden” which was my first C-Stone concert.

I am humbled and honored that God would choose me to do this! It will never get old for me.

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