Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 58: Cornerstone Update 4 of 9

This morning at C-Stone, Tracy and I kicked off the “official” start to Cornerstone with a teaching by a lady that I have never heard of. It was an interesting take on the issue of idolatry. Her point was the fact that we blame non-Christians for this and many times we think it is an ugly thing. However, her point was that as Christians we can be just as guilty of making an idol out of Jesus, God, and Christianity without even knowing it. This may come up in a message some time. Hmmmmm.

The big thing that I took from this teaching was how churches can preach freedom in Christ but really remain caged due to its beliefs and doctrines. I would be the first to say that a church does need bylaws, etc. In a lawsuit happy world…it is the bylaws of a church that will stand up in a legal battle. However, regarding beliefs….a church must be careful not to take this living, breathing and full of life message of a resurrected Christ and cage it up under the name of “doctrines.” Any church that has these (myself included) must make sure there is room to experience the giver of life. Remember when Jesus came walking to Peter on water? They were left wondering who that is and they were ultimately saw it was Jesus. He was just coming at them in a way they may have never experienced before. We have to be open as Christians to see Jesus in new ways. Sitting here at Cornerstone you see Jesus presented in many different ways but 90% of the time I am reassured it is Jesus Christ!

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