Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 53: Dreaming

Are you a dreamer? If there is one type of person I really enjoy hanging out with it is the dreamers. These are people who despite cash flow, personal abilities and more they still dream big. They look at something large and say "what can we do to make this happen?" In the church world we need these types of people. Nothing irritates me more than the ones who think critically all of the time or don't think they can pull something off.

When I attend seminars at other churches and see something I like (it is safe to assume it is usually at a larger church given Radiant Fellowship's size) I don't think...someday when we get bigger. I begin to dream about what it would look like on a smaller scale. This helps keep ministry fresh and exciting. Whenever we hit a place in ministry and begin to think we will just coast for a few years because nothing needs fixing is the time we need to begin dreaming again.

Keep dreaming and believing God for new, fresh and great ways to make an impact where you serve.

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