Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day 30: Great Church?

I received a book entitled, " Breakout Churches: Discover How To Make The Leap by Thom S. Rainer" as a gift a year or so ago which was a very kind gesture. The book deals with church growth and what defines a good church from a great church. As I was reading this book, it was making many great points. The one point that I would beg to differ which caused me to set the book down never to read again was this. They define a good church as one that has 50 plus people attending but cannot reach the 1000 person mark. As you read through the book, they go on to define a great church as one that is over 1000.
I have a couple thoughts on this point:

1. Do they take into consideration rural communities? I do not believe they do as they talk about rural being a population of 25,000.

2. All of these "great" churches might be adding to kingdom growth through their other various ministries.

I will admit that never every church is great, some may in fact cause more harm to the body of Christ than good. That is a very small number though of churches.

I would say this to the author to be careful on his definitions, as the pastor of a smaller church, I would consider it a great church. Ask someone who attends and life has been changed by what God has done in their life.

Today at Radiant Fellowship is what I define as a great church. A great staff with awesome volunteers making the church service happen. This mixed with new people from all walks of life and lifestyles there to hear a message, worship, and hear from God. That makes a great church....freedom from religion to seek after a real God.

Use discernment when reading some writings from Christian authors.

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