Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 26: Be a Blessing

Today was another lesson for me in blessing 101. When we first got James (our 2 year old son) and I say “got” because we adopted him and literally got him delivered to our door…my cousin donated a TON of clothes to us that her son just a few months earlier out-grew. It was an awesome blessing to be given such a stash of clothes.

Today we were pricing a ton of things for our rummage sale this weekend that has nothing to offer guys. This rummage has so many baby items that any parent that comes to our house will think they hit the mother-load with all the clothes we are selling between our stuff and my brothers stuff. Tonight as we were pricing things, my second cousin called me and informed me that she would like some clothes for her baby yet to be born. Since she lives in Michigan she just trusts our judgment to set aside clothes and pay us later.

After we were done talking, Tracy and I looked at all of the 0-3 months clothes we had and decided to “pay it forward” and bless her with ALL of the 0-3 month clothes Emma had. It felt so good to bless her with those clothes because she needed them and (we didn’t have to price them).

It is important that we understand that you may be the answer to someone’s prayer…even if it is with just baby clothes. We are blessed so we can be a blessing.

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