Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 18: Kids

Today has been easily one of the toughest days with having kids. It seemed like no matter what Tracy or I did for James and Emma they just FREAKED OUT all the more as we moved into the dinner hour. I felt like saying, "JEEZ KIDS...WE BUILT YOU A NICE NEW SWINGSET! BE NICE TO US!"

I think parents find themselves in these times and perhaps realize you could have gone easier on them when they were acting naughty. I know I find myself at that point right now as I look back at the day and think about those two kids sleeping right now in the other room.

This is the paradox I find to be weird. My kids pushed me and Tracy to new limits today and yet as I look back at the day and think about James in his swing laughing or moving into that stage where he farts and says, "What's that?" or Emma just being cute and giggling, my love for these kiddos grew even more today. I almost get Oprah'd (teary eyed) thinking about how much I love my kids.

What a blessing!

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