Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 15: What a Blessing

One of the things that makes a pastor very happy is when the church works together to help out one of its own. There has been multiple times in which we rallied to help a person or family in our church. I recall one time we had a large amount of money set aside to do a city outreach. It was about that time a new family at our church needed a new roof on a section of their home. This was a single parent with great kids. The powers that be could not help them so we decided to take the money we had set aside for this outreach and bless this family with a new roof, drywall, etc.

We have multiple stories like this at our church where we reach out to our own. I personally believe it is important to do things for those outside of the church. I believe that it is even more important to take care of those inside of the church. What a joy and blessin

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